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Thank you for looking into buying the most advanced music production software on the market today.
 With a few clicks of the mouse create 2 track stereo music files complete with a full band of virtual musicians.
Easily import your songs into any daw supporting .wav file format.
Virtual Bands Sound Packs will make your song creation so much easier then ever before.

Use as many Sound Packs as yo need to create your song.
Combine any musical phrase from any Sound Pack that fits your musical idea.

Transfer your sequence files from your machine to any other machine easily.
Collaborate with friends to make that special tune.
Use Audacity free software to alter your song in many ways.

Create your songs while you compose them in the Matrix Control Unit (MCU).
Select the full band phrases by clicking on one of the twelve PLAY buttons.
When you are ready to use the phrase the band is playing, simply click on the MCU pattern button to enter that phrase of music.

Combine PLAY phrases of full band material in the MCU and create songs with many variations from just one Virtual Bands Sound Pack.
Combine as many sound packs that you want to create your final song.
See our videos for details on how to use multiple packs.

Save your musical idea as a Sequence file first until you are happy with the songs outcome.
Once the song is in the form you like, Simply click on the QUANTIZE-RECORD SONG button and a 2 track stereo song will be saved for you to use any way you want.

Creating music can not be any easier then by using the PRODUCER HIT MAKER (PHM).
You will be amazed how easy it is to make songs to amaze your peers.
. You have all rights to the material you create with the PHM. 100% Royalty Free To Use.

Below Are Songs Created Completely By The Producer Hit Maker And Were Created In Less Then One Minute.
Watch The Video Above To See Just How Easy It Is To Create Songs With The Producer Hit Maker
The Titles Below Includes The Name Of The Virtual Band Sound Pack.
Click The Sound Pack Below To Hear What We Created Using The Virtual Band Sound Packs.

Benefits Of Purchasing The Producer Hit Maker Are:

Lifetime free updates
Free customer support
One license registration (Install on 1 PC)
All material you create is 100% yours to use royalty free
You own the material 100%

Purchase the Producer Hit Maker software for $19.95 which includes Two Virtual Band Sound Packs Free.

Purchase any of the Virtual Band Sound Packs for $3.00 each
To Order VBSP's Click At The Top Of This Page. Both Single And Pack Bundles Can Be Purchased

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